Enham Trust Centenary Gin success

Enham Trust Centenary Gin launched in celebration of 100 years proves to be a huge hit Read more

David Williamson takes on 34th wheelchair marathon

Join us as we catch up with fundraiser-fanatic David Williamson as he takes on his 34th wheelchair marathon as part of the Enham 100 Challenge Read more

Bridging the digital divide, one tablet at a time

Residents at Enham Trust receive electronic tablets and digital training thanks to Leonard Cheshire and the Digital Lifeline scheme Read more

100 Stories: Mark and Elizabeth Maclay

Launching the first of our Enham 100 Stories, we met with former Enham Trust Chairman, Mark Maclay, and his wife, Elizabeth, to reflect on some of their favourite memories of the trust Read more

Strive’s virtual coffee morning success

Enham Trust’s newest Supported Employment service holds its first coffee morning with local employers Read more

Disability on screen

Join us as we delve into the world of disability on screen, celebrating disabled actors and actresses of all ages, sizes and abilities! Read more

Joe is flying the Enham coop!

Joe is now spreading his wings after being offered an unsupported role Read more

Working in the face of coronavirus with a disability

A look at working life during coronavirus through our key workers eyes Read more

Leading in a crisis - a Coronavirus vlog

Our CEO's fifth blog explaining what it's like to be be in his role during this pandemic Read more

Credit where credit's overdue

Why has it taken a pandemic to recognise our health and social care workers? Our CEO shares his views Read more

Dear Isolation Diary...

A series of isolation diaries discussing mental health during the coronavirus pandemic Read more

Float like a butterfly, sting like a Ben!

Ben is a 21-year-old boxing fan with a disability that affects his movement. Read more

Disabled people don't have kids. Do they?

We're busting myths, breaking stigmas and talking all things disability, pregnancy and parenthood! Read more

Cooking his way to a happy and healthy life, disability or not!

- Nick has Down Syndrome and has been enjoying creative cooking lessons at Enham Trust Read more

Chloe’s Story

“I was told I wouldn’t get a job and should just apply for benefits” Read more

Simon's Story

Simon attempted to take his own life in 2016. Now he's living life to the full and achieving so much. Read more

Sport is for all

Our summer 2019 campaign is all about sport. We want to give disabled people the same opportunity as others. Read more

Housing Associations: More than just a roof over your head

Read our blog on the wider positive impact of good Housing Associations Read more

Rachel's Story

"I employed my own team of Personal Care Assistants, which has helped with my overall health and happiness." Read more

Jonathan's Story

"I would say overall my highlight of the past 25 years living here is that I am independent, which is really important for me." Read more