Following the wet start to 2024 we’re now experiencing colder temperatures and frost, and it looks like a stronger cold snap is here to stay.

We want to remind you of some simple steps you can take to look after your wellbeing this winter.

Keeping your home warm cost-effectively

If you haven’t already then you can take the steps below to maximise warmth in your home while being cost-effective:

  • Use your curtains – Open your curtains to let the sunlight in during the day. If you close them before sunset, they will act as another layer of insulation, keeping warmth in and night-time chill out.
  • Room and furniture layout – Arranging furniture such as sofas, chairs and dining tables away from chilly walls and windows will make things feel warmer. Also, keep furniture from blocking radiators as they can absorb the heat that could be warming your home. Moving furniture away from the radiator allows hot air to circulate freely.
  • Turn down the dial – Research shows that turning your thermostat down by 1°C could cut your heating bill by up to 10%. The Energy Saving Trust tells us that the lowest comfortable temperature is typically between 18°C and 21°C.
  • Use timers on your central heating – The Centre for Sustainable Energy tells us that programming your boiler to turn the heating on a little earlier – such as 30 minutes before you get up in the morning – but at a lower temperature, is cheaper than turning it on just as it’s needed at a higher temperature.

Warm spaces in your community

Warm spaces are open and available for anyone who needs a warm space to go to when out and about in their local community. You can find your closest warm space on the Warm Welcome website by simply entering your postcode.


Need maintenance support to help weather the cold snap? Contact our Maintenance Team on 01264 324917 or email [email protected].

If you require urgent support out of hours, your call to the Maintenance Team number will then be diverted to Aster Group’s out-of-hours response service provider, Deane Helpline; this team will assess the emergency repair in order to help resolve it for you.