A fantastic 74 corporate volunteers from the likes of Vodafone, Lionel Hitchen and Unum have volunteered their time to Enham Trust in just the last few months alone, helping us to support disabled people to live, work and enjoy life.

Prior to Christmas Unum paid our social enterprise, E3PL, a visit, packing teabags alongside some of our supported and unsupported employees. With the Christmas period being a busy time for gifts, our production line warmly welcomed the support of our friends at Unum and their can-do spirit.

We had a brilliant day volunteering at Enham Trust! It was wonderful to see how much the place means to the supported employees there. - Laura from Unum

Corporate volunteers from Unum in our social enterprise, E3PL

Our volunteers enjoyed their visit so much so that they’ve since returned on a further two occasions so far in 2023 to offer their time and support to Enham. They’ve spent time back in our social enterprise as well as tended to our grounds, supporting our very own Gardening and Estates team.

It's been both a joy and privilege to get to know and work with so many corporate volunteers. Without them we would not be able to fully realise some of our project aspirations which in the long term all support disabled people to live, work and enjoy life. This can also be a real opportunity for those volunteers to work alongside many of our supported and non-supported employees, building relationships and getting a real feel for what Enham Trust is about. I’m really looking forward to meeting many more new faces and welcoming back past-volunteers in the months to come. There’s always more work to be done! – Nigel Sully, Head of Estates at Enham Trust

The volunteering opportunities and work we do supporting disabled people has also inspired employees from Vodafone and Lionel Hitchen to get involved. In fact, corporate volunteers from Vodafone volunteered their time to #TeamEnham twice in just one month with a team more than 20-strong on both occasions!

Corporate volunteers from Vodafone in our Christmas tree field

In addition to packing teabags in E3PL, tasks volunteered include carrying out some much-needed renovation work to our various memorial trees, weeding, mulching and repairing plaques, as well as maintaining our mass Christmas tree plantation in readiness for December where we will sell and raise vital funds for the Trust.

The generosity of our corporate supporters and volunteers has meant that Enham Trust has saved a tremendous £7,410 in labour costs – something we wouldn’t otherwise have had the necessary resources to fund.

A total of 494 hours has been volunteered for Enham from January to May this year, some of which carried out by corporate supporters travelling as far away as Scotland to join us for a day.

We want to thank our fantastic corporate volunteers throughout the years and celebrate the impact their support has made on our all-important work supporting disabled people to live, work and enjoy life. We can’t wait to hold many more sessions and continue keeping Enham’s heritage alive for the next 100 years.

Think your team or organisation would like to play your part in our over-100 story? Get in touch with us today! We’d love to hear from you and make your day volunteering with us a great one.

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