On Wednesday 16th August, Andover Railway Station hosted a small celebration to commemorate the work they’re doing with Enham resident, Robert.

Robert has been regularly visiting Andover Railway Station for the past 7 years due to his love for all things transport, especially trains. As a result of his time spent there, Robert has developed a wonderful relationship with the staff.

The team at the Andover Railway Station decided to award Robert with his very own whistle, hat, lanyard and tie for him to use and wear when visiting the train station every Wednesday afternoon. A sign that says ‘Robert’s Dispatching Headquarters’ will also be on display when he is in the vicinity.

Robert receiving his new lanyard and ID badge

Robert received these items at an intimate affair surrounded by his loved ones which the Andover Railway Station team hosted in his honour. Also in attendance were The Andover Town Mayor and Mayoress as well as the train station’s Area Manager who travelled down from London to meet Robert and enjoy the celebrations.

During the event, Robert got the chance to use his new whistle as trains headed to Exeter St David’s made their stop en-route. Robert’s carers, housemates, friends and family got to watch Robert in action with the support of SWR team member Graeme and witness the joy this gave him.

Graeme (left) and Robert (right) putting his new whistle to the test

The mayor also made a speech congratulating Robert and thanking the SWR team for hosting such a wonderful event for him and his loved ones. A couple of tears were shed by those who support Robert to enjoy these kinds of moments as the applause roared across the station’s platforms.

Robert (left) and the Mayor, Cllr Phillip Lashbrook (right), exchanging a few words

To echo the mayor’s words, we’d like to thank the team at Andover Railway Station for the time spent with Robert, and for allowing him to share his love of trains with those he holds dear. Robert is excited to continue visiting the train station each week and blowing his whistle loud enough that his carers shoes blow off – a running joke between Robert and his lovely care team which has us all giggling.

Carer: "What do you say, Robert? 'See it. Say it...'"

Robert: "Sorted!"

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