What are Direct Payments and Personal Health Budgets?

Direct Payments and Personal Health Budgets is the funding needed for people to access money from local authorities and organisations to support them with arranging and paying for your social care.

Direct Payments and Personal Health Budgets are very similar;

  • A Direct Payment allows you full responsibility of your care by either employing a Personal Care Assistant or commissioning services for yourself.
  • A Personal Health Budget allows you use it as a Direct Payment or leave councils with the responsibility to commission the services for you; or you can take a combination of the two.

Your social and health care needs are assessed to see if you are eligible for funding. Once set up, the money is paid directly to you so you can organise and manage your own health care and social support.

Direct Payments and Personal Health Budgets are available wherever you live in the United Kingdom and are available to adults with disabilities (including those who lack mental capacity), families of children with a disability and carers. However, the support services offered can vary from one local authority area to another.

How can we support you?

At Enham Trust, we aim to make the process as easy as possible for you. We can help you with planning, research and budgeting for your Direct Payments and Personal Health Budget in the following ways:

  • Support you to understand what is available and what you may need
  • Setting up a Direct Payment or Personal Health Budget
  • Helping you to understand how to use the payment and what it can be spent on
  • Assist with completing necessary administration and paperwork
  • Managing your account
  • Help with payroll services including pensions and HMRC obligations
  • Finding and recruiting Personal Care Assistants

You will be required to keep a record of how you spend your Direct Payment and your local authority will want to see those records, usually once a quarter.


Managing your account

At Enham Trust, we offer a Managed Account Service, to help you manage your money. A Managed Account is where we hold the Direct Payment money for your social care or as part of your Personal Health Budget, on your behalf, but you will still have responsibility for all your own personal money.

This service is for you if you wish to receive a Direct Payment but where circumstances mean it would be more appropriate for someone else to manage the money. This may be because you find it difficult to manage your money and it would give you peace of mind if someone else worried about the bills.

Enham Trust will ensure your care bills, agency invoices and staff wages are paid correctly and on time. Enham Trust will monitor the account to make sure it doesn't go overdrawn and to highlight any unexpected income or outgoings.

If you want to find out more information specific to your needs, or have any questions, please get in contact with us today.

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