Tying in with our 100 Stories theme, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share the love this Valentines with our very own love stories that have blossomed at Enham over the years! We will be posting new stories all week to this blog, so keep your eyes peeled.


Our first story features Peter and Jenny 

When their love story began, Peter and Jenny were both residents living in two of our bungalows. This is a great option for individuals who want to gain independence with their own front door, whilst still requiring some level of care and support.

Due to their homes being close by, the pair had seen each other a lot around Enham. They got on well and enjoyed each other's company, so much so that on the 9th October 2008, Jenny came to Peter's bungalow and asked him to go out with her. To Jenny's delight, Peter said yes straight away!

Fast forward a couple of years to 2010, the happy couple got their first place together in Alexandra House!

As well as being a couple, Peter and Jenny are also best friends who love to support each other, especially when times are difficult. Jenny particularly loves how much Peter makes her laugh.


Meet Mel and Steve 

Enham Alamein village residents, Mel and Steve Hughes, first met when they worked together in the Pad shop in 1988. Mel remembers her first proper chat with Steve in 2002 when they spoke about her dog, and she remembers thinking how nice he was. So that same day, she asked him if he would like to come for a cup of tea and meet her beloved dog, to which Steve took up the invite and never looked back. The pair then got together shortly after.

On their first date, Steve and Mel went for a ride around Charlton Lakes in their wheelchairs, but poor Mel was chased by the geese. Being the gentleman he is, Steve decided to chase away the geese. Thinking they must have looked so silly, but didn’t care, they just couldn’t stop laughing. This gave them the first of many laughs to come. Mel always said Steve’s best quality is that he always makes her laugh. Steve said that Mel’s love and kindness really shine through and how much they love to look after and support each other is plain for all to see.

It was in 2005 while they were staying in North Wales on holiday that the pair got engaged. They decided to get married in North Wales too, and with the help of the Anglesey and Andover Registry Office’s the wedding was all arranged. Now here they are 17 years later, still happy together, very much in love and most importantly, still laughing!


Next up is Sally and Lawrence 

Sally and Lawrence first met at a mutual friend’s house in Enham. They got on so well that a first date was officially on the cards, and they decided to go for a drink in the Shoosmith Centre where they really hit it off! Before long, the pair had made things official, and now, thirteen years later, they’re still going strong in their lovely bungalow which they moved into around six years ago. 

The pair love to travel together and for many years have been using Jolly Days Holidays specialising in supported holidays. This means their holidays start at their doorstep when they are picked up and don’t have to worry about transport which is a real bonus. So far, they have been to Lapland, Malta, Spain and Denmark and look forward to their next adventure once they feel safe to do so.

Sally and Lawrence love the fun they have together and enjoy each other’s company so much that Sally doesn’t like it if Lawrence isn’t around. From what we hear they’re practically inseparable!


More stories coming this week! Stay tuned...