Oh, hey! Fancy seeing you here. Welcome to Skills2Achieve!

"Who or what is Skills2Achieve?"

We're not your usual bread and butter, guys. If you're aged 16-19 and intent on acquiring the skills you need to take your next steps into the working world, Skills2Achieve can help you get there! Our centres are based in Portsmouth and Eastleigh.

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"What can you do for me?"

We support you to transition from education to occupation. But what does that mean?

Whether you're looking to...

🎓 Achieve your English and Maths Functional Skills qualifications (Entry level to Level 2 available)
📜 Gain employability qualifications
💼 Access invaluable work experience opportunities and careers advice
🤝 Get involved in partnership projects in your local community
📈 Boost your confidence
Or just simply want to explore your options, S2A is the place to do it. Our vision is for every young person, irrespective of circumstance, to have access to good quality education and work skills training during their transition from adolescence to adulthood.

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"Why Skills2Achieve?"

"Without Skills2Achieve I would just be at home, not really doing much. Now, I have started an apprenticeship and I have real career prospects."

Learning with Skills2Achieve for employment and skills is not like school or college, and 100% of our learners would recommend S2A to a friend.

Granted... disliking a school or college environment is nothing new, but we often find that it's not what you're learning that you don't like, but the way you're learning it. At Skills2Achieve, we take a much more person-centred approach to your learning needs. Yep, can you believe it... you have a say!

“Be yourself here, it’s not like school, no one will judge you”

In short...

  • We don’t have term times so you can join us when you’re ready.
  • It’s a much more relaxed atmosphere, so we can be flexible in how we teach you.
  • We have smaller group sizes to give you the support that you need.
  • We are part of Enham Trust, so you'll benefit from a wide range of expertise and opportunities across the organisation.

“Give it a go, there is always someone there to help you and there is always someone who is really kind. It’s a second chance to enjoy what you learn.”

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