Protecting your products with our innovative shrink wrap machine

Here at Enham 3PL, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer holistic third party logistics services to our clients; supporting you with all your logistic needs.

Our innovative shrink wrap machine – the Turn Table Rotoplat Series 8 – ensures your products are safely and securely wrapped with speed & efficiency; supporting you to meet the ever increasing demands and requirements of your customers.

Reliability & precision, every time

With multilevel control functionality, and film tensioning & pre-stretch available, not only is the Rotoplat Series 8 fast and efficient, but also reliable, durable, and precise; your products safeguarded against damage in transit, from dirt or moisture, and any other harmful factors they might come into contact with.

A cost-effective storage solution

Protect your products, enhance product appeal, and ensure ease of transport with shrink film wrapping; shrink wrap product packaging can also save storage space, making it an ideal money-saving, cost-effective solution for any discerning business.

Highest quality shrink wrap machine

With an adjustable stretch ratio of between 150 & 400%, our shrink wrapping machine is guaranteed to provide the highest quality shrink wrap available to the market, whatever the size or shape of your products.

Simple & intuitive packing cycles

The simple and intuitive settings of the Rotoplat Series 8 mean our operators can quickly & easily select which and how many levels should be enabled during the automatic packaging cycle.

This allows each product to be packaged within its own particular cycle; a cycle that enables optimal restriction and protection alongside significant applied stretch film savings.

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