Following on from our blog on the basics of disability awareness, and what it is, here, we provide you with a Disability Awareness Toolkit to get you started, and help become both disability aware, and to confidently raise awareness for disability.

Why do we need a disability awareness toolkit?

Raising awareness for disability is integral, not only to the lives of individuals living with disabilities, but their families & friends; to increasing employment opportunities, housing options, and working to continually improve the understanding and acceptance of disability within our wider society.

So, what can you do – within your workplace and your social circles, to raise awareness for disability?

All you need to know from our Disability Awareness Toolkit

Become Disability Confident

Becoming a Disability Confident employer is a great way to raise awareness for disability; making the most of people’s talents and abilities, challenging outdated or negative attitudes towards disability, and removing workplace barriers for people living with disabilities or long-term health conditions. And the best thing? To get your business started on the road to disability confidence, all you need to is contact us!

Take part in a charity challenge or event

There are lots of charities out there supporting disabled people and disability-related causes (like ours!), and often, we’ll have a diverse events calendar made up of lots of different events and challenges; like the London or Southampton Marathons, trekking to Everest Base Camp or, if you’re not quite feeling that adventurous, you could go for something a little more tame like holding a bake sale or coffee morning. Taking part in some kind of disability charity event not only raises money for the charity in question, but also awareness for the charity and the cause it’s supporting.


Volunteering in your spare time – either as an individual, as part of a group or to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a business – is a great way of raising both your own awareness for the issues surrounding disability, and for those around you; often a lack of awareness for disability comes from a lack of understanding. Volunteering can go a long way to resolve this, whilst providing a charity or charitable organisation with vital resources.

Get social

No Disability Awareness Toolkit would be complete with a little something about digital marketing! Sharing positive stories surrounding disability and people living with disability on your social media channels is a great way to increase disability awareness, and get people talking in a really good, healthy way about disability. Use the social buttons at the bottom of this page to share this blog!

So, there you have it - raising awareness for disability is really simple, and can make a positive difference to the lives of so many people. We say… go for it!

And if you need any more information about anything mentioned above, why not contact us?

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