Give the gift of your time to supporting disabled people to live the lives they choose.

At Enham Trust, we benefit hugely from Corporate Volunteering groups and teams of people who come together to give us a day of their time; from team building activities or to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility, to teams of friends and family looking to support causes close to their heart in their local community.

Projects to get involved in

Enham Trust can offer you different options dependent on your needs, group sizes and what you would like to achieve.

Typical projects include tending to our 26,000 Christmas Tree field, revitalising our greenhouses, tea bag packing at 3PL, decorating and painting.

Some of these projects are seasonal and may change throughout the year, dependent on our needs. Our Corporate Volunteering days get booked up very quickly, so please talk our team to see what is available for you.

Achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility

There are so many ways we can support you to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility. This might be through Corporate Volunteering days, but there are other ways your organisation can support us too including;

  • Charity of the Year
  • Match giving schemes
  • Take on a new fundraising challenge
  • Host an fundraising event
  • Make a regular Donation
  • Give As You Earn (GAYE)
  • Charitable donations that attract tax relief
  • Social investment – share your expertise in a ‘Tech SWAT Team’ and share your knowledge for the day


We love hosting volunteering days and we wanted to let you know about some less obvious costs on our side when we welcome you to Enham. The admin side of things and extra equipment can add a few hundred pounds to each day we run so we would be delighted if you would consider making a donation of £250 for your visit.

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