Why donate to Enham Trust

By donating to Enham Trust, not only are you supporting thousands of disabled people to gain independence, choice and control over their lives, but you’re supporting these people to make new friends, learn essential life skills and achieve positive mental health and well-being throughout the entirety of their time with us, and to take forward into their future.

Our appeals rely on the generosity of our funders, without your support we simply wouldn’t be able to offer these life changing services. Whether you can spare £1 or £100, if you donate (link) it really will make a difference!

We are proud to support as many disabled people as we do in their journey to independence, touching every area of each customers lives to help them achieve everything they set their mind to -no matter how big or small their ambition! We have positively impacted over 250,000 since our doors opened almost 100 years ago, but there is still so much we want to achieve!

Enham Trust is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and are committed to responsible fundraising. We continually strive to reduce our fundraising costs to ensure more from each £ you donate reaches the people we support.