As part of the conference held in March, Charlotte Peck, MOVE Programme Manager, provided all delegates with an update of MOVE as an organisation; the journey we have been on so far, the achievements made and the plan for the future.

Historically, MOVE was not operating sustainably and it has required a huge amount of work to turn the organisation around, to ensure that it still exists today and that a strong foundation is built to enable the charity to grow and develop in the future. We have made significant progress towards this aim over the past few years. Thank you to all of you for your ongoing support and commitment to MOVE; we are really looking forward to the future.

To help MOVE continue to grow in the right directions, and support our aims for future growth and development, we will be introducing two more new support systems coming soon:

More support for all MOVE organisations: Currently we only look at the quality of MOVE Programme delivery in Centres of Excellence and Quality Mark settings. We want to ensure we are working with all organisations to help you develop and improve, so we are developing a self-evaluation process for MOVE organisations that will be launched in the next academic year.

We are still developing this in conjunction with our User Group to ensure this process will be a useful and valuable addition for you. What we would like to share now is that this will be a supportive process designed to help you reflect on what is going well and if there are areas you would benefit from further support in. It will help us to structure the way we support schools in the best possible way.  

MOVE ‘Experts’:  We will also be bringing on board a MOVE Expert role, a paid role reporting into the MOVE Programme Manager at MOVE Europe. The purpose of this role will be to provide expertise in the MOVE Programme and its delivery. The individual(s) will have experience of MOVE both at a practitioner and trainer level, an in-depth knowledge of the current special needs and disability environment and will be a qualified teacher or physiotherapist.

We are still working on the final details of this role but it will likely be a number of days over a year, working flexibly so that we can spend more time on development initiatives in school holidays. If you think you are interested at this stage, get in touch for more information; however we will be officially advertising the job roles once they are finalised for expressions of interest.