MOVE Programme

Lola is a pupil at Alfreton Park Community Special School in Derbyshire, a MOVE Centre of Excellence. Here, her dad Ashley tells us the difference the MOVE Programme has made to their lives:

"Lola started the MOVE Programme in 2017. She has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, which affects all of her limbs. Before starting MOVE Lola was very weak in her legs and needed to build strength in her legs and in core.

When I first heard about MOVE I thought it would be a great way of helping Lola. Since starting MOVE she has gotten stronger, particularly in her core. She can now stand for a few seconds unaided, push up out of her wheelchair and she holds onto me standing while I change her. These skills have been great for Lola because she likes to help others, so she is very happy to have the ability to help get up and get her self dressed. This has also improved home life by making it easier to get Lola dressed and also improved transfers.

Lola really likes watching wrestling, so a standout moment for me was when we went to a wrestling show and Lola stood holding the rail in front of her with me supporting her from the back for almost the entire 2 and a half hour show! I’d definitely recommend MOVE to other families!"

She has also been developing her walking skills so that she can access her favourite activities in new ways:

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