We’re excited to be able to share our plans to merge with housing association Aster Group, subject to consultation and final approval.


Why Merge?

For over 100 years Enham’s purpose has been to help disabled people live, work and enjoy life.  Whilst our purpose is enduring, the world we are operating within has several uncertainties and challenges that we need to address and act in response to.

As many of you will know, we have been pursuing a turnaround plan for the organisation for some time to improve our financial performance. Moving our residential care services to a supported living delivery model being the final stage of this plan.

In early 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic struck. Together, #TeamEnham responded magnificently to this, keeping people safe and changing the way we delivered services.  However, despite our best efforts, the pandemic impacted the performance of a range of our services, and it will take some time for these to return to pre-pandemic levels.  It also caused delays in the care transition project, leading to significantly increased costs. 

A combination of Brexit, the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the cost-of-living crisis have changed the world we operate in, presenting a range of operational and financial challenges for all organisations to address. Those who commission our services face similar challenges and are continuously looking for organisations like ours to deliver more for less.  Charity fundraising is increasingly challenging, with more and more competition from charities for available funding and donations. New Government targets, reforms and legislation mean that we need to invest more in our properties and services. We’re also living in the middle of a global climate crisis where all homes need to be net carbon neutral by 2050. Meeting these challenges over the coming years will have considerable financial impact for organisations like Enham. 

And yet, the prevalence of disability in society is increasing meaning that demand for accessible housing, care services, and support to learn and work will grow. Enham’s purpose remains as necessary today as it did 100 years ago.


How does this benefit Enham Trust?

We have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Aster Group over several years, partnering on a range of initiatives to break down barriers around disability and mental health.  Aster are as passionate about Enham’s work as we are. They have a strong sense of social purpose and are committed to the long-term delivery of Enham’s purpose, supporting disabled people to live, work and enjoy life.

Enham believes that there are several benefits to current and future beneficiaries of our activities and services.  The most obvious advantage is that Aster brings the scale and resources that Enham needs. By coming together, Enham Trust’s ability to invest would grow significantly and overtime, funds could be released so that Enham is able to accelerate its investment in buildings, technology, services and our staff.

Joining Aster Group would benefit our beneficiaries and people over the coming years:

  • Enham Trust would be able to develop a strong financial plan to underpin current and future operations, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Trust and its activities for the benefit of those we support.
  • Enham Trust would get access to technology, expertise and resources that will support the Trust to enhance the quality of the care, housing and the other services we offer.
  • Enham Trust could accelerate its ability to invest in the maintenance and refurbishment of our properties.
  • Enham would gain access to both expertise and finances to realise the development opportunities within the Trust’s control, enabling us to build more affordable and adaptable homes.
  • Over time our employees would gain access to a wider range of reward, training and career development opportunities within Aster Group.
  • The conditions would be in place for Enham Trust to focus on developing forward-thinking plans and initiatives to help disabled people live, work and enjoy life.

We firmly believe that joining with Aster Group will create the conditions that will enable Enham to grow and develop. We will be stronger and more secure, meaning that we can support more disabled people into the future.

Enham Trust would continue as a charity (and incorporated company) and would retain its brand, heritage, and history, becoming a subsidiary of the Aster Group in the autumn.


Tell us what you think

Between August 1st and September 2nd, 2022, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and to provide any feedback you might have to us.


To help with this we have provided responses to some questions we think you might have. These will be regularly updated.
See FAQs here


If you’d like to feedback on the proposed merger or want to raise any questions you can do so by:

  • Emailing your feedback or question to [email protected]
  • Write to us at: Enham Trust, Enham Alamein, Andover, Hampshire SP11 6JS
  • Feedback or ask questions at your regular House/Resident/Scheme Meeting
  • Calling us to arrange a 1:1 meeting by emailing [email protected]
  • Attending our Village Meeting on Monday 26th September (more details below).


Enham Alamein Village Meeting

Join our panel of senior representatives from both Aster Group and Enham Trust on the rescheduled date of Monday 26th September to provide your feedback and ask any questions you may have about the proposed merger.

The Village Meeting will take place at 6.30pm at Landale Wilson Hall, Enham Alamein, SP11 6HQ. Parking is available behind the Enham Trust Charity Shop next door.

We look forward to seeing you there.