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Resource Description
Budgeting factsheet What should you consider when budgeting
Direct payment guidance Detailed information about managing direct payments
Holiday and annual leave guide The facts about holiday entitlement for your carer/assistant
Insurance - What does it mean? An explanation of the different types and terms of insurance
Managed account guidance What is a managed account and how does it work
PA sickness What do you need to do if your carer/assistant is off sick. Includes Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) information
Pension auto-enrolment What is pension auto-enrolment and what does it mean to you
Personal or client contributions You may need to pay a personal contribution for your care - how does this work
Responsibilities of being an employer A general list of the areas you need to consider when employing someone
Right to work in the UK Your legal obligation to ensure your carer/assistant has permission to work in the UK
Risk assessments for employing a PA A guide to help you minimise any risks that you may face
Safeguarding against abuse An overview of safeguarding, what it means and how to protect yourself
Self employed PAs Information about 'self-employed' tax status
Using an agency or PA - The facts Some important facts you should know if you decide to use an agency instead of a carer/assistant
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