100 challenge




It's the challenge of OUR century!

2021 is a very exciting year for Enham Trust as we celebrate our 100th birthday as a leading charity supporting disabled people to live, work and enjoy life. However, as we enter our very special centenary year, disabled people need our support more than ever as the Covid-19 pandemic continues and, with your help, our 100 Challenge will ensure we can deliver!



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    Run 100km over 100 days

    Do a home workout for 100 days

    Bake 100 cakes for your very own cake sale

    Run around your garden 100 times

    Walk around the block 100 times

    Host a gaming livestream for 100 minutes

    Write a song and perform it virtually to 100 people



      Cycle 100 miles between your team

      Run a 100m relay

      Crochet 100 granny squares between you

      Take part in a danceathon and dance for 100 minutes each

      Work with your household members to climb the stairs 100 times between you

      Ride a tandem bike for 100 minutes straight

      Form a band and sing 100 songs




      100m race

      Be the first to bake 100 cookies

      Break a Guinness World Record to do with the number 100

      See who can drink the most in 100 seconds

      Go head to head in a 100 second gladiator dual

      Take your dog on a 100 minute walk




        We have some fantastic events coming up that you can sign up to as part of your 100 Challenge! Whether you're an adrenaline junkie, an adventurer or a marathon go-getter, there's a great collection of events for you to dabble in this special year, like this one:



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