Chloe’s Story

“I was told I wouldn’t get a job and should just apply for benefits” Read more

Jonathan's Story

"I would say overall my highlight of the past 25 years living here is that I am independent, which is really important for me." Read more

Simon's Story

Simon attempted to take his own life in 2016. Now he's living life to the full and achieving so much... Read more

Joe's Story

"I love the fact that I can choose what I want to do at Enham Trust. As well as improved and newfound confidence, the support I’ve received has given me the ability to do more on my own." Read more

Cammy’s Story

Cammy is now able to use his PHB to employ Kate as his Personal Care Assistant, which is great for everyone. Read more

Daniel's Story

The Direct Payment means that Daniel can use the money to attend Westhay Opportunity Centre two days per week, and has been going there now for a few months. Read more

Scott’s Story

"Training at the café has been amazing so far. It has taught me so many skills; like using the equipment, and how to act in a customer-facing role, as I’ll be serving on the front desk." Read more

Louise's Story

Working here is so fun. I love meeting lots of new people on the reception desk every day, and also seeing familiar faces. It’s a great way to socialise and make new friends! Read more

Jess' Story

After two years learning independent living skills at Coopers Chase, Jess is about to head off to University! Read more