I was told I wouldn’t get a job and should just apply for benefits”

For newly graduated Chloe, 21 who has cerebral palsy, leaving University with a 1st class honours degree was the result of 3 years hard work and dedication, she was on such a high. Chloe admits she was nervous about the prospect of looking for work post University, worrying her disability would put her at a disadvantage, but her positive nature meant she went into the situation with her glass half full.

A visit to a local job agency however changed things. When she proactively asked if there were any suitable job vacancies, she was told ‘not to bother, you won’t get a job so you may as well apply for benefits.’

Chloe, frustrated by the lack of acknowledgement of her recent qualification and clear ability, took things into her own hands, and started applying for jobs. She saw a vacancy at Enham Trust for a part time administrative role in the fundraising team. Chloe had regularly volunteered at the charity during her education so applied and was excited when she was shortlisted for an interview.

Chloe breezed through the interview and was offered the role on a supported employment contract. This meant she had the support of an employment advisor, who helped her to organise a grant to pay for taxis to work and any other reasonable adjustments she needed. Chloe progressed from her part-time role to a full-time position after a few months and was promoted in 2019 to a trainee fundraiser position. She is no longer on a supported employment contract but knows she works in an environment where support is available whenever she needs it.

Chloe says ‘Enham Trust’s vision to enable people with disabilities to succeed, focusing on the possibilities rather than impossibilities, is something incredibly close to my heart. This is a philosophy that I also like to live by so to be able to work for an organisation that truly embraces this daily, is something I am extremely proud to be a part of’.

People like Chloe are the exact reason we exist.