What is a Personal Care Assistant?

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As a Personal Care Assistant, or 'PA' for short, you'll do a lot of the same role as a Care Assistant; but you'll work directly with one or two individuals, usually in their own home.

Personal Assistants (also sometimes called Personal Care Assistants) help people to live independently by supporting them with social activities, health care tasks and personal care. As a PA, you would be directly employed by an individual employer to support them with various aspects of their daily life. You could work with lots of different people including children and adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health conditions, and older people.

Health and social care is a growing sector, meaning that there are lots of opportunities for you to develop your career.

A Personal Care Assistant role might include:

  • Supporting individuals with their social and physical activities
  • Booking and going with individuals to appointments
  • Supporting individuals to get to work, college or university
  • Personal care such as showering and dressing
  • Domestic tasks such as cleaning and cooking
  • Carrying out health care tasks, e.g. gastronomy feed or administering medication

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How do I recruit Personal Care Assistants?

Many of our customers employ their own Personal Care Assistants to help them manage their day to day life and provide the level of care and support they require.

Recruitment and employment can seem complicated. However, Enham Trust can provide support to make managing your obligations as an employer easy and trouble free. We can offer recruitment support including:

  • How to advertise, recruit and employ and Personal Care Assistant
  • Offer support to understand and manage the contract of employment
  • How to access local area listings of Personal Care Assistants
  • Advice on being an employer and your obligations
  • How to manage rotas, training and appraisals for your Personal care Assistant
  • Support with understanding HMRC obligations, pensions and calculating salary payments
  • How to end your contract with your Personal Care Assistant

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