Pauline, a receptionist at Enham Trust, has decided to add to her impressive fundraising challenge list, by signing up to our Everest Base Camp trek! Below she tells us her story.

“I have always enjoyed fundraising for charity, and have done so many times for Enham Trust now. I love the thrill and sense of accomplishment of an extreme challenge, and so far, have already completed some incredible challenges, including trekking the Sahara desert, climbing Kilimanjaro twice, a London to Paris bike ride, sledging through the Artic with husky’s and many more. So as you can tell, I’m not new to this!”

“I’m really looking forward to the Everest Base Camp challenge, which I am doing in November this year. It’s another new one to tick off my bucket list for me, and the fact I can say I will be raising money for a great cause too, there’s not a better feeling!”

“I’m 67 now, and obviously for anyone to take part in an extreme challenge like this, it requires a good amount of training. So my preparation involves going to the gym roughly twice a week. I will also be doing some hill climbing and trekking closer to the challenge, to get use to the gradients we will be experiencing etc.”

“I feel that at my age, it proves that anybody can do something if they put their mind to it. If anybody is thinking about signing up to a fundraising challenge at Enham Trust, I would highly recommend it and encourage you to do so! The sense of achievement at the end of it is an incredible feeling, and you will make memories that stay with you for a life time. Not just this, but also the fact that the money you are raising will go towards supporting thousands of disabled people every year, is something which just feels amazing.”

“I plan to keep taking part in these challenges until my body will no longer let me, and hopefully that takes me at least past 70. There are still lots of other challenges that would interest me, like climbing through glaciers in Iceland, but if anything comes up at the right time, I will probably sign up to it!”

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