Nancy on her student placement at Enham TrustFor the last six months, I have been working with the Income Generation Team here at Enham Trust on a student placement from the University of Winchester. When I first joined, I didn’t know too much about Enham Alamein as a village, and the charity itself, however I have learned a lot since.

On my first day I was given a tour of Enham Trust's grounds and I was immediately taken back- the accessible accommodation and housing available here is incredible. It allows people to live independently and develop their life skills in a homely, spacious and safe environment. Kitchen worktops can be raised or lowered dependent on the resident, bathrooms are big enough to allow wheelchair access and the resident’s doors opened automatically when they approached them.

I had a look at Radio Enham and watched Shaun (one of the residents) in action and live, talking about topics he was passionate about. I got shown the physiotherapy rooms and the gardening facilities and I also got to see the Training Kitchen and Choices Activities Group in action too!

There are so many amazing opportunities here for disabled people- whether it’s social, physical or mental development, there’s something for everyone.

Over the last six months, I’ve witnessed residents achieve things that wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support from Enham Trust. I’ve absolutely loved working in such a positive and happy environment with such lovely people.

I joined the charity at a time where happiness was a difficult thing for me to accept - suffering with depression has been a difficult chapter in my life, but Enham Trust has restored my faith in humanity and has helped me become a happier version of myself again.

Enham Trust has a very special place in my heart and I hope to keep in touch with the organisation in the future. I would strongly recommend anyone with an interest in charities, disability or care to get involved with Enham Trust- I’m so glad I did and I will miss it a lot.

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