Over the last few weeks, the toll that Coronavirus has had at many levels, has been a stark reminder that we are here for a given time and that we seldom know when that time will be up.

Globally, nationally and locally this universal truth, in recent memory, has never been so stark.

Our teams at Enham Trust have done a fantastic job to date changing their ways of working to make sure that the people we are responsible for providing services to can continue to benefit from them.

The direct impact on our people has been clear in the many video calls we have had over the last few weeks. As we settle in to what is our current normality, of Teams, Zoom or Skype calls, interspersed with a lesser number of phone calls, I have noticed that email traffic is noticeably down. My assumption is that in these times of mass working from home, we need the pseudo-personal interaction that a video call gives. That ability, in whatever form, to connect with other people.

I read with interest a blog by one of my Directors who, as a self confessed introvert and “not a people person” observed that she needed the interaction with those she works with, to help her manage the wide range of challenges Coronavirus has presented.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of email, and have often explained my concentration span with them in terms of needing four lines or less, to retain my interest. Preferring instead to talk to people and see for myself how they are and how happy they are with their lot.

Through the magic of regular video calling, we have established closer relationships with some of our teams, than we had pre-corona. Calls that have enabled us to find out how our staff are, how well equipped they are for these new ways of working and what help we can offer to make their days easier.

These improved communications will undoubtedly stay in place long after Coronavirus has drifted into the vastness of our collective memories, as their value is incalculable in helping us to connect with the people we work alongside.

In the same way as I look forward to my monthly lunches, with a group of nominated staff, because I can get to know a little about them and their lives out side work, I will now also look forward to the video calls we will have with our remotely based team members. Those who can’t just pop into the office for a chat, and who it is too easy to  forget about until something prompts me to think about them individually.

So, on reflection there are some benefits to the madness that is the Coronavirus and as with everything in life, there is learning to be had, self improvement to be gained and new behaviours to adopt.

I’m sure there will be many more challenges in the short-to-medium term that this virus will throw at us; and I’m confident that with the people we have working across the whole of Enham Trust, we will have a response to whatever they may be.

I hope you find my reflections useful, if you’d like to get in touch, drop me a line on LinkedIn or Twitter. I’m easy to find.

Until next time, Stay safe and well.