Ben is a 21-year-old boxing fan with a disability that affects his movement.

Ben’s progressive motor disease affects the right-hand side of his body. He struggles with daily tasks such as brushing his teeth, holding cutlery, and walking, however that doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves most; pumping iron and boxing at the gym!

Being able to do something as normal as lifting a few weights and throwing a few punches is right up Ben’s street. For a young chap with a lot of energy and charisma, weekly visits to see his personal trainer, Chris, at Andover Leisure Centre are just the kind of thing that gets Ben feeling his best. He said:

“I love being in the gym and practicing my boxing with Chris. It gives me such a sense of achievement and helps me understand just a little bit of what my hero, Charlie Edwards, must go through.”

Sadly, these visits are now put on hold as Ben shields from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sport and exercise is such a basic activity and something that most of us get into at some point in our lives. Disabled people have the same desires, but often access to appropriate facilities mean disabled people get left behind, and with Covid-19 at large, access to these facilities are now in even shorter supply.

To combat this, we're doing everything we can for Ben and the disabled people we support during this time through the provision of in-house leisure activities to our care homes, enhancing individual's mobility, creativity and socialisation. Activities being enjoyed include boccia, arts and crafts, baking, and gardening, and are essential to the mental and physical well-being of our care home residents.

Ben’s disability will impact him more as he gets older which is exactly why we need to make a difference now. People like Ben deserve to not just exist, but to live full lives, and you can help make that happen. By supporting our cause today, you will be supporting disabled people to live, work and enjoy life amidst the ongoing global pandemic, providing someone like Ben with the chance to continue doing the things they love behind lock-down doors and get the most out of what is a very strange and uncertain time.

On behalf of Ben and everyone here at Enham Trust – thank you! We couldn't do it without you.