A group of four dedicated daredevils summoned their courage to take on the ultimate challenge; a 10,000ft tandem skydives to raise funds for leading disability charity Enham Trust.

Working in conjunction with local skydiving specialists GoSkydive in Old Sarum, Salisbury; the jump took place on Saturday 2nd June. The group raised an amazing combined total of £2303.77! The group consisted of individuals from Enham Trust and Trust In Soda, a digital recruitment agency based in London, who have kindly chosen Enham Trust as their Charity of the Year.

Simon Strong, one of our skydivers said of the experience;

"I did my first freefall jump over 20 years ago, and having a disability, I never thought I would have the chance again. With Enham Trust, I had the chance to experience the terror(!) of jumping again, and the chance to raise £580 for an amazingly worthwhile charity."

Chloe Plummer, Income Generation Administrator, who oversaw the day, commented;

“The skydivers had great weather for the jump and they all thoroughly enjoyed the day. We are so pleased that everyone collectively raised over £2000. This amazing amount will contribute to the vital work that Enham Trust does, so a huge thank you and well done to the whole group.”

If you’ve been inspired, we still have places at our next skydiving date on Saturday 1st September. Anyone interested in taking on the challenge or finding out more is asked to visit: www.enhamtrust.org.uk/charity-skydive or call 01264 345 800.

Enham Trust currently supports thousands of disabled people across the country each year in the key areas of their lives by providing housing, care, and various employment & skills opportunities to ensure each customer gains independence, choice, and control over every aspect of their lives.

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