Nick has Down Syndrome and has been enjoying creative cooking lessons at Enham Trust.

He is a passionate and incredibly creative person. He loves cooking, drama and art and feels most at home when he’s making new things. As a youngster, Nick was able to do all the things he enjoyed, but as he grew older he spent many years in different day care centres that were not right for a creative and able individual like him. This was naturally frustrating for Nick who knew he had much more to give.  

Determined to change this, Nick and his family found out that Enham Trust was the perfect place to harness and fulfil his creativity. Almost straight away Nick knew he was in the right place. He started taking part in the things he loves, from dance and drama to arts and crafts. The highlight for Nick is his weekly sessions in the Training Kitchen. Supported by a nutritional advisor, Nick has gained many new skills that have given him greater independence at home and in the kitchen.

The change for Nick has been transformational and he now jumps at the opportunity to cook for his family and friends. The idea of cooking for others is not something that Nick could have even dreamed of before coming to Enham Trust.

Nick’s brother has noticed a huge difference since he started attending the Training Kitchen at Enham Trust – “He had spent many years attending various day centres in the region, bored and under-stimulated. Then we found Enham Trust and the difference is magnificent. Not only in his ability to do things but in his confidence and overall wellbeing.”

Enham Trust has recently received funding for the kitchen from the Postcode Community Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. You can also support us to continue delivering the things Nick loves by donating now.