Joined by Enham Trust supporter-extraordinaires Liz and Dave Cosgrove, we met with former Enham Trust Chairman, Mark Maclay, and his wife Elizabeth, to reflect on some of their favourite memories of the Trust.

Mark joined Enham Trust as Chairman in the early 1990s. As a Chartered Surveyor, his knowledge of housing and property development was invaluable in helping bring to life Enham Trust’s vision of building numerous homes for care and independent and supported living.

Image of person looking through Enham Trust memorabilia

Flicking through the Maclays' fascinating Enham Trust memorabilia that they had collected over the years

Alongside Mark, Elizabeth volunteered by running craft classes for the residents at the Trust. Elizabeth taught a range of crafts, from knitting and crochet to tapestry and latch hooking.

Watch Mark and Elizabeth Maclay's 100 story below

Book illustration used in video: ©sketchify via Canva.com

Mark and Elizabeth recount many fond memories of their time at the Trust. Their recollection of events, including exclusive auctions, dinners and fundraisers, the Alamein Day parade, and royal exchanges with our patron HRH the Duchess of Gloucester, paint a true picture our rich 100-year history.

“I sincerely hope Enham will go on forever doing the work that it does… to have a wonderful population of as many people living independently as they can, in a happy community.”

Memorabilia from the MaclayMemorabilia from the Maclays' toy horse racing fundraiser 

We are truly grateful for Mark and Elizabeth’s generosity and commitment to Enham Trust. They are a huge asset to the organisation who gave much of their time and brought in thousands of pounds to help us achieve what we have today and reach our 100-year milestone.

Thank you, Mark and Elizabeth, and best wishes from everyone here at Enham Trust!

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