Due to COVID-19, we have postponed this event. Please note that this event is not cancelled, but rather will be held on the rescheduled date below.

When? Wednesday 7th October 10.00 - 16.00

Where? The Birmingham Conference and Events Centre, Hill Street, Birmingham, B5 4EW

The day will include talks and workshops from experienced MOVE trainers, practitioners and those from Centres of Excellence on a variety of MOVE topics, all designed to help your organisation develop its MOVE offering. There will also be a range of exhibitors showcasing the latest equipment to complement and support the programme.

Further, the MOVE Conference will be a great chance to network with other MOVE schools and organisations, from across the UK and further afield, receive advice from experienced MOVE professionals and to develop your knowledge of all things MOVE!

A buffet lunch, refreshments and free-flowing coffee is included.


  • A Centre of Excellence Journey: Millstead School will recount their MOVE journey and how they have achieved Centre of Excellence status. This will help you to understand what goes into becoming a Centre of Excellence and what the benefits of this status are.
  • Motor Learning & Dynamic Movement: Implementation in Practice: Richard Harvey, National Clinical Training Manager at Jiraffe, will talk through the principles of motor learning and how they are applied in practice. This will be a chance to familiarise yourself with some of the founding components of MOVE.
  • Evidence Gathering Assessment for the MOVE Programme: Simon Wright, MOVE Coordinator at Cherry Garden School and MOVE Associate Trainer, will share how his school has been using an online evidence gathering system to assess MOVE student progress. This will be an opportunity for you to share ideas and think about how evidence gathering could benefit MOVE in your school.
  • MOVE and Classroom Culture: Lisa Parascandolo, MOVE Coordinator at Willowdene School and MOVE Trainer, will discuss the findings of her Masters degree, which looked at the effect of breaking down MOVE milestones and also integrating the MOVE ethos into classroom culture. This will help you to understand the impact that classroom culture has on pupil progress within MOVE, and will also provide you with the opportunity to discuss real case studies from your schools.
  • MOVE Groups: why have them? Katie Chapman, MOVE Coordinator at Watergate School, Associate Trainer and MOVE Specialist Consultant, will share her experience of running MOVE Groups, and talk through the benefits of using the sessions to improve the skills of students, families and practitioners. This session will provide you with a chance to discuss different methods that can help you to embed MOVE across your organisation. 

Jiraffe: Part of Jenx Ltd., Jiraffe specialises in sourcing and providing postural care equipment and support for disabled children, covering all aspects of everyday life. Exclusive distributors of Rifton support equipment in the UK.
Schuchmann: A family-run company with over 30 years of experience in producing and selling innovative childrens' rehabilitation equipment.

Moorings Mediquip: An exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for a range of support equipment, working alongside therapists to source the most suitable piece of equipment for the needs of the individual.

Smirthwaite: A disability equipment manufacturer with over 30 years experience in designing a wide array of comfortable and enabling support equipment for disabled children.

CP Teens UK: A charity that provides a supportive network for young people with Cerebal Palsy and similar physical disabilities.

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“It was a great conference, very well organised and put together. There were well thought out and delivered workshops which contained useful elements for all attendees, regardless of profession or setting. Fantastic!”