“I had applied for and been invited to several interviews, but never seemed to get to the next stage”

Finding work when you have a disability can be very challenging. Prejudices and stereotypes as well as employer anxiety adds to the warped opinion on disabled people’s ability to work. So much so that disabled people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed and earn on average 12.3% less than non-disabled people.

Joe is 23 years old and the issues he has faced have had a big impact on his confidence in both his working and personal life. This is his story, showing that anyone can work with just a little helping hand getting them to the starting blocks…



After leaving college in 2018, Joe set out to find himself a job, however despite being invited to many interviews, he couldn’t quite seem to make it over the final hurdle. He was very keen to start gaining valuable work experience, and although he took an interest in I.T. related roles, he decided to broaden his horizons and keep openminded to other opportunities.

That’s where we came in!

In February 2019, Joe joined #TeamEnham as part of the newly funded TSEG supported employment programme, taking on the role of Domestic Assistant on an initial 12-month contract. The role required Joe to work within a small team as well as independently, looking after the daily cleaning of our offices and also our care homes (which would be of paramount importance to the safety of our staff and residents come the outbreak of Covid-19).

It took a while for Joe to settle into his new position with us after finding social interaction particularly difficult. His confidence was running low which is why it was extremely important to us that we showed Joe just how capable and valued he is as a member of any working team.

Fast forward 18 months and Joe is now a whole different person! Not only has his confidence soared, but also his skillset, which he is ready to take with him on his next working adventure! Little did he know just how quickly that was to come around…

“I have seen Joe come such a long way since starting employment with us. He was very shy to begin with and would struggle to maintain eye contact, however he now engages freely with the team and it’s a pleasure to see” – Nigel Sully, Head of Domestics

We’re so pleased to say that, this month, Joe will be flying the Enham coop and starting a new unsupported domestic role at a local school *applause*! We know Joe will be a fantastic asset to his new team and show everyone that disabled people can too live, work and enjoy life!

Good luck, Joe. You’re going to smash it! đź‘‹


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Office for National Statistics:

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