2020 saw Enham Trust adapt in numerous ways in response to the coronavirus pandemic which rapidly spread around the world. Disabled people were hit hardest by the outbreak due to many having high-risk conditions that would force them to shield away from loved ones to keep safe. Not only would this impact their mental wellbeing but also their physical health. That’s why it became our top priority to find new ways to deliver the services we provide to the thousands of disabled people we support and enable them continued access to the care, support and guidance they need.

Changes made to our provision of service included activities being delivered in-house to care home residents, PPE being supplied to and worn by all front line staff, regular testing carried out of staff and residents, remote learning, and of course, lots of virtual calls and consultations offering advice and guidance across all services.

Our front line staff have been incredible throughout and we couldn’t praise them enough for their hard work fighting against the pandemic.

We are very proud of the work we have done to continue supporting disabled people to live, work and enjoy life, and thank our supporters for staying by our side through it all.