As Enham moved into the fifties, the proposed give-year-plan to transform Enham Alamein into a fully equipped village settlement became a reality. The first 50-bed stage of the new hostel came into operation and was officially opened by HRH The Princess Royal on Alamein Day on 23rd October 1950.

Littlecote House was converted into a 21-bed hostel in 1953, to help ease the urgent need for bed places. It was re-emphasised that the workshops existed to provide training, work and wages for disabled people.

By 1955, Enham was well into its third phase of development. Phase 1 had been focussed at the care and rehabilitation of disabled ex-servicemen. Phase 2 had seen the development of rehabilitation of those suffering from tuberculosis - both ex-service and civilian men and women. Phase 3 was to open Enham to those suffering from a much wider range of physical disabilities.

Aerial view of Enham Alamein in 1950