Pauline prepares for Everest

Pauline, a receptionist at Enham Trust, has decided to add to her impressive fundraising challenge list, by signing up to our Everest Base Camp trek!Read more

Disability Awareness Toolkit

Our Disability Awareness Toolkit can help become both disability aware, and to confidently raise awareness for disability.Read more

Why corporate volunteering is so important to us…

Giving up just a few hours of your time, allows us to be able to focus on making sure our charity is the best it can be.Read more

Nancy's student placement at Enham Trust

"There are so many amazing opportunities here for disabled people- whether it’s social, physical or mental development, there’s something for everyone."Read more

Why Matt works for Enham Trust

I joined Enham Trust because I have always been passionate about the charity sector and helping other people. I have decided to take on my own fundraising challenge – which is to trek the Amazon Rainforest.Read more

What is disability awareness?

Not all disabilities are the same, and disability awareness recognises this; celebrating difference and identifying the beauty within our uniqueness.Read more