MOVE Programme

Last year, we supported 1170 disabled children to achieve greater movement and wellbeing – your donation really could change a child’s life.

Your donation will help some of the most disabled children in our society, giving them access to The Move Programme. It will give children the opportunity to gain independent movement, helping them to access their education, their childhood and enjoy as full a life as possible.

The Move Programme helps severely disabled children to reach their maximum physical potential and achieve their goals. The Move Programme is unique as it is inclusive; no child is considered too disabled to take part, which gives opportunities to children who may have previously been overlooked by other programmes. Every child can make huge, life changing progress through Move.

We have introduced The Move Programme to over 300 schools; however, there are still many more children that need our help!

Millie using The Move Programme

Milly’s Story, told by her mum:

“Before Milly started on the MOVE Programme, her overall mobility was very limited; she couldn’t walk unaided, she could only stand for a few seconds and was very unsteady, and her muscle tone was very poor.

“However, once Milly began the Programme, we instantly saw a dramatic change, not only in her posture and strength, but also her muscle development, and – most of all – her confidence. It was truly amazing.

“In all aspects of her life, Milly has gained so much from the Programme; from being able to sit and be seated (in order to do just about everything!), to walking, then onto walking unaided, and now moving onto stairs & steps – all giving her the scope to be independent.

“I cannot begin to express how much this has made a positive impact on our lives – it’s something that we thought may not have been within our reach – Milly is now climbing, standing, and walking, giving her the movement to develop all of her learning and abilities. Thank You to the MOVE Programme.”