MOVE Europe, based in the UK, is responsible for delivering the MOVE Programme across the UK and Europe


The MOVE Programme began in the 1980s and was created by Dr Linda Bidabe, a special needs teacher in California, USA. Linda was part of a growing realisation that children with profound and multiple disabilities were not learning the vital mobility skills that they needed to access education and prepare for their adult lives.

She developed a mobility programme designed to include motivating and functional movement practises at every opportunity. The concept spread rapidly to other schools in the USA and UK and in 1991, the first MOVE Programme was written. MOVE International is the non-profit organisation that continues to deliver the MOVE Programme in the USA 

In 1997, a formal charity was set up in the UK to coordinate and grow the MOVE Programme across the UK and Europe.

Where we are now

The MOVE Programme is used across the United Kingdom and in many countries across Europe, with hubs of activity in Austria, Germany and Denmark. It has also diversified into adult services, working in residential settings, on stroke rehabilitation wards and community healthcare services.

The programme is growing and we train hundreds of education and healthcare staff, parents and support workers on the programme every year.

Since 2015, we have been working in partnership with Enham Trust; a leading disability charity.