MOVE Programme

The MOVE Programme is an activity based practice that enables disabled children and young adults to gain independent movement. It uses the combined approach of education, therapy and family knowledge to teach the skills of sitting, standing, walking and transitioning between.

The programme’s central philosophy is that movement is the foundation for learning. A toddler just learning to walk, learns special concepts about the environment around them by being able to move and explore. A disabled child, who uses a wheelchair and is reliant on others for movement, is not able to do this as easily. Their opportunities for learning are significantly diminished.

The aim of the MOVE Programme is to offer these movement opportunities to disabled people, opening up and transforming the world around them and creating an accessible, interesting and educational world full of opportunity and choice.

The programme is built around six-steps that are used collaboratively in all aspects of an individual’s life, by all of the people that work and live with that person. It is not a therapy technique just for professionals; it gives equal worth to the input of every person involved. The disabled individual and their family are placed at the centre of the programme and it is their goals that the team focuses on.

The six steps

  1. Assessment - Where is the individual now?
  2. Goal Setting - Where does he/she want to get to?
  3. Task Analysis - What skills are needed to get there?
  4. Prompt Measurement - What support is currently required?
  5. Prompt Adjustment - What support will be needed to achieve the goal?
  6. Teaching the Skills - How do you ensure the individual reaches their goal

The MOVE Programme has given many of the children in school a variety of different opportunities to learn valuable skills that enable them to reach their own personal goals and develop fundamental skills. There is wider impact on each child’s holistic development too. Recent examples include supporting children to walk up the steps onto the swimming bus and moving away from using a wheelchair to sitting on their own seat on the daily transport each day. The MOVE Programme has made such a positive difference to the pupils in unique and individualised ways. - Ivy House School, Derby.

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