MOVE Programme

In October 2019, Claudia Penn and Elisabeth Neumann, who oversee MOVE in Austria, conducted a 5-day Trainer Training course in Denmark. The training was held at the school Geelsgardkolen in Copenhagen, which is one of only two schools outside of the UK to hold Centre of Excellence status.

During this training, 14 teaching staff and physiotherapists from different schools in Austria and 7 teachers from the Hugo-Kukelhaus School in Germany came together to refresh their MOVE knowledge and exchange experiences with the MOVE concept. They learnt everything about the organisation and implementation of MOVE training courses.

The guests Jorgen Kristensen (retired MOVE Consultant) and Charlotte Peck (Director of MOVE Europe) gave a presentation about the implementation of MOVE in Denmark and the UK. The training also provided the opportunity to make new contacts with colleagues and schools working with the MOVE concept.

From this training experience, many new ideas for partnerships, exciting projects and networks have been developed.

Want to know more about MOVE beyond the UK? As well as Denmark, Austria and Germany, MOVE Europe also works with organisations in Russia and we have strong links to our US counterpart, MOVE International.