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Due to Charlie’s gift, Enham Trust’s clients can now say ‘yes’ to every opportunity

Charlie’s Story: Leaving the Gift of Independence

For Charlie, planning for the future, and taking care of his family and friends, meant literally leaving the gift of independence in his will when he left an adapted vehicle for the use of residents at an Enham Trust care-home.

Access to Transport

Despite there being 12 million disabled people in the UK (around 1 in 5), and despite the fact that disabled people make up around 1/3rd of NHS users, 60% of disabled people don’t have access to a car. It is not surprising therefore that transport is listed as the biggest concern for disabled people in their lives.
(Disability in the UK 2014 Facts and Figures Papworth Trust)

The ability to consult a doctor, go shopping, and visit family and friends – things we all take for granted – become difficult, stressful occasions. Although disabled people use taxis, buses and minicabs more frequently than the general public, the lack of available transport adds a layer of complication to everyday activities.

Born in India in 1923, Charles – or ‘Charlie’ to his friends – came to Enham Trust in the late 1960s after a particularly unhappy and difficult upbringing. Quickly settling at Enham Trust, Charlie soon began to feel as though the people around him were his family.

A great lover of trains, trips out, and socialising, Charlie would regularly insist on taking his fellow residents out on day trips, each day choosing to do things that would bring joy to himself and the others around him; never wanting to leave anyone out, and wishing to share his greatest experiences with the people he cared for.

Making a Will

In 2002, Charlie felt the time was right for him to plan for the future and create his will. With Enham Trust playing such a large role in his life, giving him the happiness, choice, control, and ultimate independence he’d craved since he was a child, Charlie wished to leave the gift the Trust had given him – the gift of independence – to the others around him.

Charlie wanted his gift to help the social mobility of others; with this in mind, it was agreed that the best way to honour this request would be to buy a car; ensuring staff could continue to support those residents needing transport to attend appointments, visit friends, and get to work.

A generous gift

Thanks to Charlie’s gift, residents no longer have to rely on erratic bus timetables; running the risk of arriving late for their doctor’s appointments or work, and know they can easily travel together if they want to, without having to plan too far ahead.

The freedom of being able to get in a car and go anywhere can give, is an experience many of Enham Trust’s disabled clients couldn’t always have before Charlie’s gift was made. Now, more clients are able to choose when they go out, where they go, and who with, without having to rely on public transport, paying for taxis or saying ‘no’ because it’s the easiest option.

Due to Charlie’s gift, Enham Trust’s clients can now say ‘yes’ to every opportunity.

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