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Say ‘Yes’ to baking a difference

The Great Enham Trust Bake Off

Say ‘Yes’ to baking a difference

Victoria sponge, chocolate, vegan-friendly, fruit, gluten free… whatever form it comes in, and however we’ve made it, we all love a nice, big, comforting slice of cake, usually coupled with a piping hot cup of tea (and maybe a cheeky biscuit!) on the side.

So, it’s no real surprise that gladiatorial TV challenge The Great British Bake Off has become a cornerstone event, not only in our weekly viewing schedules, but in our hearts, our minds, and our daily conversations around the office water cooler.

Yes, Bake Off has truly captured our passions as a nation of aspiring bakers, foodies, and down-right cake-lovers.

And if, like so many of us across the country, you’ve been inspired by The Great British Bake Off to pick up your spatulas and get baking, why not do it for a worthy and wonderful cause?

Baking a difference by holding an event

Holding a Great British Bake Off inspired challenge event, a simple bake sale, or afternoon tea can be a great way to exercise your love of baking whilst having fun with friends, and raising vital funds for a charity you care very much about.

So, how can you turn your baking passion into a fundraising extravaganza?

Gather the baking troops!

You don’t have to bake on your own if you don’t want to; asking your friends and colleagues to get involved and get baking is a great start to organising a GBBO inspired baking event – the more cakes, the merrier!

Establish the rules

Whether you follow the show rules to the letter or adapt them to fit your unique style, deciding on things like:

  • How often you’ll bake
  • Whether you’ll have a ‘star baker’ each week or just one overall winner
  • Will you have judges

Let people know

Whether it’s by email, with posters, promoting it on social media or talking to your friends the next time you go for coffee, letting everyone you know know about your event is a crucial part of the process.

Get a collection pot

A bucket, a bowl or one of our branded collection pots, whatever you choose to use, make sure you have something available at the event for people to put their donations and loose change in; every little thing helps!

Talk to us!

We love hearing from passionate people about their fundraising ideas, and we’re always on hand to help; whether you need some more information about what we do, or some ideas about how to get the word out, always get in touch with us.

Have fun

Possibly the most important part of any event, always make sure that you – as the organiser – and your guests have a fantastic time, and enjoy yourselves.

Raising funds for our cause is an incredible thing to do; supporting over 8,500 disabled people across the country each year to live as independently as possible.

And if you can do that whilst having a great time and doing something that you love? Well, we think that’s truly priceless.

Say ‘Yes’ to baking a difference with Enham Trust.

If you are interested, or would like to find out more, then you can contact us by clicking the button below.

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