Skills2Achieve: Meet Jack

Jack was offered a new job as a teaching assistant

Jack succeeded in finding work thanks to Skills2Achieve.

Jack joined Skills2Achieve in 2013 as a learner on the study programme to raise his confidence levels and gain support in finding work.

When Jack first joined Enham Trust’s Skills2Achieve programme, his confidence and self-esteem were so low, he was unsure of his career options and struggled to even visualise himself going out to work.

The S2A team supported Jack to complete a PX2 - a course specifically designed to help young people identify their strengths and weaknesses with a view to achieving sustained employment - which helped him gain the tools he needed to understand why he struggled in certain areas. As a result, Jack was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Searching for apprenticeships and work experience

Jack’s confidence quickly grew following his diagnosis – he could now begin to understand why he felt the way he did - and he started applying for work and apprenticeships, declaring his disability at application stage in the hopes this would help him in interviews.

As Jack’s confidence grew, so too did his willingness to support & help his fellow learners and Jack soon found himself leading sessions with the support of his Tutors.

When the time came for Jack to be signed off of the S2A programme due to his age, Jack felt so passionately about the programme, he applied for a voluntary position.

Support from Skills2Acheive

Whilst volunteering with S2A, Jack had the confidence to apply for a Teaching Assistant role at Enham Trust and, in January 2015, after a very successful interview, was offered the job!

Jack says:

I’m over the moon! This is an amazing opportunity for me.

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