The Benefits

Tutor helping 2 students to get an apprenticeship at Basingstoke's Study Centre
Giving you the skills and confidence to succeed

Life’s a bit like a circus isn’t it? We’ve all seen the trapeze artists and the tightrope walkers doing their stuff, but what if they fall? They have a safety net of course.

What about your school or college career? You didn’t set out expecting things to get tough so who catches you if you fall? Skills2Achieve does. 

What is Skills 2 Achieve?

Skills2Achieve is a programme to give you the skills and confidence to enter employment, an apprenticeship or full-time education.

You will be given the information, advice and guidance to make real life choices on how to move forward, while also making new friends. The programme provides the opportunity to build vocational skills and understand more about employment opportunities.

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Who can attend our learning and activity programme?

You must be aged between 16 and 19 and not in education, employment or training.

Female students working their way towards new maths and English qualifications

What's in it for me?

Skills2Achieve is a dynamic programme of learning, based on your individual needs.

We recognise that not everyone wants to achieve the same things in life. That’s why, we’ll tailor a learning programme to your needs.

After an initial assessment based on literacy and numeracy, your essential skill levels and learning styles are evaluated by a qualified tutor. Don’t worry though, this isn’t a test. This assessment is to see where your current skills are so we can understand how best to help you towards your goals. After the initial assessment, the programme will then be tailored to suit your needs, enabling you to grow in confidence. The goal for our learners is give them the boost they need to actively seek work experience and, ultimately, paid employment.

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What will the main activities be?

If you’re looking to brush up your maths skills, English skills, or need a hand finding a job, we can help get you get what you need. As your programmes our tailored to you, you’ll only participate in the areas you need support in.

Some of main activities include:

  • Improving your IT skills, general numeracy and literacy.
  • Gaining important English and maths qualifications.
  • Job searching best practices - tried and tested methods that have helped 1,000s of students find the right job for them.
  • Writing speculative letters to employers.
  • Help, advice and best practice when calling prospective employers.
  • Assistance in completing job application forms.
  • Creating a great CV to help make you stand out in the application process.
  • Interview practice - tips, tricks and practice scenarios to help you nail that all important job interview.
  • Work experience with an appropriate employer.

Some of the main workshops include:

  • How to budget.
  • Substance misuse and alcohol awareness.
  • Sexual health awareness.
  • Confidence building.
  • Healthy eating.
  • Disability awareness.

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Two young male students practising their life skills on the Basingstoke learning programme

Where can I attend a study programme?

We’ve got learning centres in Andover, Basingstoke, Farnborough and Southampton ready to be on your side; ready to help you pick up those English and maths skills you know you need. If you are aged 16 to 18 and you need someone on your team, get in touch.

Our programmes are run by Enham Trust in in the following locations:

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