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Advocacy is about having your say

Andover Advocacy Services

Do you need help to take control of decisions which affect you?

Advocacy is about having your say and relying on someone to help you voice your thoughts and resolve your issues.

That someone is your advocate. He or she can assist you if you have difficulty expressing yourself – particularly if your circumstances have changed and left you feeling lost and confused.

One of Enham Trust’s volunteer advocates will work with you to help find information so you can make informed decisions.

He or she can help you deal with changes in your life, your home, your job and your relationships. They can even help you cope with bereavement or changes in your mental and physical health.

Together you can find out about your rights and about the support you can receive.

Your advocate will also help you obtain advice on financial and legal issues and assist you with paperwork and bureaucracy.

If you are over 18 years old, live in Andover or the surrounding villages and need help to express your views or overcome everyday obstacles, please contact us and find out more about our advocates.

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