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Our Building Choices programme continues with our mission to provide more purpose built accommodation for people with disabilities. Wheather at our Enham Alamein site pr elsewhere, providing them with suitable  homes where they can grow their confidence and live with independence whatever their needs. 

Over the last five years our Property Executive Victoria Leesam has successfully achieved our Coopers Chase, Weston Court and Bradbury Place developments and plans are underway for Enham’s Home Estate.  

Enham Home Estate - Cedar Park

Cedar Park Plans for Enham Trust

Enham Trust’s Building Choices programme plans to develop 95 new 1 & 2 bed homes, a new state of the art Health and Wellbeing Centre and to refurbish The Hub with a café space for clients, volunteers, staff and the wider community. The new plans, which are set within 1.3 hectares of brownfield land, will encompass beautiful landscaped gardens. This new development will integrate with Enham Trust’s three existing 24hr care homes.

Bradbury Place

Enham Trust is keen to ensure that all its developments reflect the needs of people living with a disability; Bradbury Place is a prime example of this.  Built in the heart of Andover, this development is the Trust’s first major construction outside of Enham Alamein, developed following feedback from people living with a disability who expressed desire to live in a town centre location.

Bradbury place newly opened accessible flats in Andover owned by Enham Trust

This development is made up of eight wheelchair accessible 1 & 2 bed homes designed by Winchester Architects, Design Engine.  The landmark building with its flying freehold over the central footpath, has been designed to be fully accessible linking the wider community together.

Working with the Aster Group, Enham involved local residents to redesign their gardens to make the footpath wide enough for wheelchairs, pushchairs and scooter to pass each other on the way to the town centre. In partnership with the developer Drew Smith we have won a Considerate Contractors Award. The scheme also achieved Secure by Design for its innovative design in how it treated the elevations to the public footpath. 

Weston Court

Weston Court is a new development in Enham Alamein, which when completed (Spring 2015) will create eight wheelchair accessible bungalows.

New homes in Weston Court at Enham Trust nearing completion.

Designed with Structural Insulated Panels (SIP), these building will offer better value for money, both in the construction and will reduce energy costs for the residents.   The kitchens were designed in consultation with people living with a disability and have rise and fall kitchens made by Mount Industries, a business enterprise of Enham Trust.  

Coopers Chase - Residential training flat

Enham Trust provides residential training and transitional accommodation to help people living with a disability to live independently and gain employment skills.

Coopers Chase residential training for independence

Cooper Chase offers 10 individual flats, to support people who want to live more independently but lack the essential living skills to do so.  Built in 2011, Cooper’s Chase consists of a modern bedsit (living and sleeping area combined) a small kitchenette and en-suite wet room.  Clients can spend time relaxing alone in their own flat, but many of the residents enjoy sharing a communal lounge, kitchen, laundry facilities and shared IT area.

This development also benefits from an accessible lift and beautiful shared gardens. Ceiling track hoists are fitted as required.

Care staff are on hand 24 hours a day - personalised care is tailored to support each individual’s plan. Residents are offered support with personal care, shopping, getting a job, housing related advice, budgeting or money management. For added peace of mind Lifeline assistance is also part of the package.

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