“The Move Programme makes me feel good”

Keelie's Story

Here at the Move Programme from Enham Trust, we strive to ensure as many children with disabilities and complex needs as possible live lives of choice, control, and independence; providing holistic support for both learning and life.

The difference we make to the lives of our participants, and their families, is tangible – promoting collaborative working with all involved to ensure our participants’ achieve their goals and desires, no matter how big or small – from supporting children who have never walked before to take their first steps, to arming disabled children with the skills they need to sit with their friends unaided at the dinner table.

For Keelie, 13, who has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, the Move Programme from Enham Trust has enabled her to play in the local park with her friends; something no-one ever thought possible.

“The Move Programme makes me feel good,” remarks Keelie. “I can walk now, and when I go home I climb the stairs on my own to go to bed. I can even go to the park, and I like the swings!

“It has made things better. Now, I am happy.”

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