Tom enjoys living at Enham Trust

Residential Care: Meet Tom

Tom is 22 and came to Enham Trust when he left college three years ago. He enjoys living here and has made many friends.

Tom has cerebral palsy, and though he is unable to communicate through speech, he uses a Dynavox communicator system that connects to his wheelchair and enables him to use his head movements to spell words. Through this system, Tom is able to access his computer to browse the web, use Facebook and send emails.

A seasoned entertainer 

Tom says his lead Personal Assistant (PA) Kristin ‘is very special’, and together they organise his personalised weekly routine. Tom has to find time to do his weekly shopping and Kristin helps Tom schedule this in each week. He takes part in a variety of activities including aerobics on a Tuesday, arts & crafts on a Wednesday, Music and Dance on a Thursday ,and on Fridays he goes to choir. Between all these activities Tom also finds the time to go to Andover College to study Maths, which he loves, much more than English or reading.

Above all, Tom loves the events that take place at ­­Enham Trust. His favourite activity is drama with the drama group ‘Choices'. Last year Tom was the lead in Oliver, a part he was very proud to play and this year he played Simba in The Lion King. He loved being in The Lion King and he was very pleased to take part in the Andover carnival, where the group won first prize in the walking category- but he said ‘it was so hot that day’!.

Building independence

Tom’s flat overlooks the old Cedar Park building, which is no longer fit for purpose. Tom can’t wait to watch this knocked down by diggers. He is keen for the new buildings to go up, and for the new people that might come to Enham Alamein when this happens. He hopes this will give him the opportunity to extend his group of friends, as well as bringing improved sporting facilities- especially for football. Tom is an avid Liverpool supporter and tries to go to matches when he can. He recently watched England play at Wembley.  

Tom feels that being at Enham has helped him to become an adult; he has more independence and more choices than before. He can do what he wants because he has a plan and his parents have witnessed his independence grow.

"Come and see us at Enham Trust. It’s fun to live here so come and join in the fun. It’s all about people being independent and joining in."  -  Tom Kelly, Resident at Enham Trust

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