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Residential Care: Meet Izzy

I came to Enham earlier this year. Before that, I spent three years living in a care home elsewhere, where I wasn’t very happy. I seemed to spend half my time stuck in front of a TV.

Here at Enham, if I call, someone comes straight up to my flat and asks how they can help. And if they can’t help me, they get someone else who can. I have a lovely flat, twice the size of where I lived before, and a new sling for my hoist. I can wear this all the time to make it easy to get from chair to bed to bathroom.

Since coming here, I’ve got involved in Radio Enham. It’s very cool! It’s a proper, fully functioning radio station with real mics!
My work placement at Radio Enham has helped me learn to speak up, and to talk openly about my disability; it’s already helped me become more confident.

I have regular physio here, and I’m developing my person-centred plan (PCP) – working out how I want to live my life, where I want to live, and what I want to work towards.
Before, I felt sad – really sad, actually. Day-to-day life just wasn’t how I wanted it to be.. Now, I feel listened to and respected. At Enham Trust I feel like my independence has come back. I feel free.

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