Ross has rebuilt his life with the help of Enham Trust

Transitions: Meet Ross

For 42 year old Ross the Enham Trust transitional support journey is complete. 

After re-building his confidence and coming to grips with domestic skills, he is embracing independence. He’s moved into his own house, studied horticulture, and now has a job he loves.

Life is good – but without Enham Trust it could have been so different. 

Ross, who has learning difficulties, first visited Enham 21 years ago. His family hoped he might find a job with Enham Industries.

But according to his mother Ross “was in a bad place emotionally” following the death of his father. Young and determined to go it alone, Ross went to live in housing association accommodation in Basingstoke. Unfortunately, despite social care support, he became the victim of local bullying and lost all confidence in his ability to manage on his own.

He moved back home to live with his mother.

Meanwhile his sister Lizzie, who uses a wheelchair, had come to live at Enham Trust. 

Tranisitional support building confidence

Then last summer an apartment came free at Coopers Chase in Enham Alamein village - Enham’s newest accommodation for people looking to transition and build the essential skills to live independently.

Ross moved in. His confidence soared!

“It’s very nice,” says Ross. “I’ve learned how to organise my life, do my own washing, ironing and cooking, and how to be responsible for all my day to day activities.”

Eight months on his Mum, Chris can’t believe just how much Ross has changed. Chris says:

It has been the making of him. Having this kind of structure and support has been exactly what he needed.

Just eight months on, Ross is in a good place. He and his friend Craig – another resident of Coopers Chase – have moved into their own house on the other side of the village.

There’s no doubt village life will suit Ross down to the ground. Having been brought up in rural surroundings he’s a country boy at heart. To his deep joy his new garden backs onto fields.

Tranistional support in to Employment

On top of that, Ross has turned his passion for the great outdoors into employment. He’s completed a horticulture course with Enham Trust’s Step2Employment training programme.

“We spent a lot of time helping Ross with his reading and writing, which encouraged him to keep learning,” said Kate, Ross’s tutor. “He really enjoyed the gardening side of the course so we arranged for him to do one day a week work placement with the charity’s gardening team.”

It proved a hit.  Ross continued to volunteer as a gardener until finally a position became available. His commitment, perseverance and new-found confidence have been rewarded. Ross was offered the job!

Ross is settling in to his new home. 

“I love going for long walks in the country – I’ll feel safe doing that round here. I walk miles! I like cooking curries and I like watching TV sport and drama.”

And his preferred football team? “All of them!!”

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