Trainer Reaccreditation

Every 3 years, MOVE Trainers are required to attend a reaccreditation session. Sessions will now take place over Zoom and there is a workbook to be completed prior.


  • To review the role of a MOVE Trainer
  • To ensure access to and effective use of MOVE Training Materials
  • To understand the Six Steps of MOVE and review teaching strategies
  • To discuss current challenges you have with delivering Practitioner and Senior Practitioner Training.


  • Role of the MOVE Trainer
  • MOVE Training Materials
  • Teaching the Six Steps of MOVE
  • Reflections on your training

Practitioner and Senior Practitioner Training

To allow new organisations to start their MOVE journey during these unprecedented times, we are developing the option of running Day 1 of Senior Practitioner Training online. Day 1 would run virtually over a Zoom meeting on a date that suits you, and Day 2 would run on a later date in your organisation. 

Contact us for more information!


If you want to know a bit more about MOVE before booking training, consider joining one of our webinars. Email us to sign up to either of the below. We would love to hear from you!

Date  Time Topic Description

Thursday 2nd July


Introduction to the MOVE Programme Ideal for organisations that are new to MOVE or organisations who have used MOVE before and need refreshing to start the programme back up again. We will cover the MOVE ethos, the 6 Steps, training options and the key ingredients to start MOVE successfully in your organisation.