Watergate School becomes a Centre of Excellence

Watergate School becomes a Centre of Excellence

Watergate School becomes a Centre of Excellence!

Recently, Watergate School were awarded with Centre of Excellence status in a brilliant award ceremony, involving a celebration of the achievements of all the children on the programme. The prestigious Centre of Excellence Status is only awarded to schools and centres using The Move Programme to an outstanding standard in all areas.

The Move Programme was introduced to Watergate School 6 years ago by a physiotherapist. As soon as the school found out more about the programme, they were very keen to adopt it into their practice.

Here, Katie Chapman, Move Trainer at Watergate School, explains why The Move Programme is so important to the school:

“Watergate School is so passionate about Move for so many reasons. Pupils on the programme make very clear progress and we enjoy seeing how proud the pupils are of themselves and the pride of their families. We love to see the impact their increased mobility has on their daily lives.”

“Increased mobility means that our pupils are better able to engage with the world, they are more able to socialise with their peers and have more engagement with educational, social and leisure activities.

“The increased physical skills achieved through The Move Programme have also enhanced our pupils’ ability to communicate. For example, improved head control has enabled one pupil to access an eye gaze device and begin to use grids to talk.

“Many pupils have seen significant health benefits, for example a child who is able to sit in a forward-leaning position on a bench with support is able to better regulate his breathing when doing so.”

“Watergate School is thrilled to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence for how we use The Move Programme. It is a source of pride in relation to the work done by both pupils and staff.”

The team at The Move Programme are so proud of Watergate School for all of their achievements. They deliver Move to an outstanding standard across the organisation and continue making life-changing differences to all of the children on the programme. We are excited for their future! 


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