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Paragliding Over the South Downs


Want to feel as free as a bird?

Join us in our newest addition to our calendar of adrenaline challenges, tandem paragliding with aerobatics across the South Downs!

Take up this challenge and fly up to 4,000 feet, which is far above the heights normally flown by light aircraft, using only natural lift from the wind and thermals.

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To sign up to the Paragliding event is simple! Click here to pay a deposit and secure your place. Pledge to raise a minimum sponsorship of £395, which will include the cost of your flight.

Fly the skies for Enham Trust

The paraglide will be held on the South Downs, near Lewes in East Sussex on Friday, 20 May. The challenge involves some basic training, followed by a half hour flight to include aerobatics. The pilots are all highly experienced and can take you to the base of the clouds in comfort. Take-off and landing involves running just a few steps and once airborne, you can sit back in a comfortable seat and take in the views (and the aerobatics if you think you are brave enough!)

A typical day’s flying begins the day before by phoning in at 8pm to check the weather is suitable and arrange a meeting time and place. A short and sharp preliminary safety briefing on the day will be followed by a fantastic and unforgettable experience, cruising through the skies! This is probably the most elegant form of aviation…

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If you have any questions, please contact Kristie our Events Fundraiser.

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