Read why it's important for Martin to work for Enham Trust and present on Radio Enham

Why it’s important for me to work in both HR and present on the radio at Enham Trust

Martin works in the HR department at Enham Trust, and also works at Radio Enham broadcasting shows to listeners whenever he isn’t in the office. Below Martin talks about why he enjoys both working in HR for us, and also playing some of his favourite music on the radio station.

“I started off at Enham Trust by presenting on Radio Enham; however I got asked if I would like to take on some volunteer trial work in HR, which of course I accepted. After a couple of weeks I was over the moon to be offered a position within the HR team, and I have now been in this position for well over a year.”

“I love to stay in contact with the clients down at the radio station, so I still present a couple of times a week, featuring on the breakfast and mid-morning shows! I love presenting on the radio as I feel it gives us all a chance to share awareness about disability, and also celebrate it in a positive way.”

“We also talk a lot about things that are passionate to ourselves, and we often get onto topics of football and other sports. I also like to try and bring a modern spin to the radio, by playing new music that is in the charts. One of my favourites at the moment is Ed Sheeran!”

“Working in both Radio Enham, and HR has made my confidence sky high, and it also helps me stay really organised, both at work and at home, as I have to stick to times and deadlines. The working environment is also a great one to be a part of, everyone is very helpful and friendly, and this motivates me a lot too.”

“We are trying to get the message out, that Enham Trust helps support disabled people to live independently, which hopefully we can do through the radio!.”

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