Celebrating inclusion, movement, and mobility

A Marathon Challenge for The Move Programme, Austria

This summer saw The Move Programme in Austria celebrate inclusion, movement, and mobility with a marathon event to remember; seeing all children in the school – of all ages and abilities – take part.

Here, Move Consultant for Austria & Germany, Claudia Penn, tells us all about the event – held at the Regional-School-Center for Mobility and Speech, Leonding:

“On the 4th of July all pupils of the Landesschulzentrum für Bewegung und Sprache, Austria, ran under the motto: ‘Together we will run 1, 2, 3… marathon!’.

“All pupils, children with physical disabilities and complex needs, participated according to their abilities. They rode in the wheelchair or with the therapy bicycle; raced with the walker or the pacer!

“Self-paced, they had the opportunity to collect kilometres within 2 hours - everybody so far and as much as he/she can.

Pupil Johannes, for example, went with his pacer an incredible distance of 1220m!

His father said:

'Johannes has never been so proud! It was fantastic!'

“Together, the 54 pupils ran 439.96 kilometres in 2 hours, a little more than 10.4 marathon!

“I’d like to extend my special thanks to the 10 marathon racers, who were tirelessly taking turns with our kids."

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